12 Pen Case Portfolio Brown Leather

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Designed from the start to fit pens as large as a Montblanc 149, pictured here with three modern pens for size reference, the TWSBI Diamond 540, the Lamy AL-Star, and a Noodler's Ahab. All pens fit comfortably in the case. 12 pen portfolio style case in brown leather. Magnet clasp to keep the top secure. 8-3/4 inches long by 6 inches tall. Exceptionally tall or long pens will fit but may cause the top flap to not close as securely as with shorter pens.

5 Reviews

Zachary Higgins May 29th 2018

Awesome Product and Service!

I've purchased numerous pen cases from Anderson, and they always exceed my expectations on quality and prompt service. Definitely recommend their products if you are in need of a high quality pen case.

Kurt Jones May 29th 2018

Wonderful case

I've been using this case for a few weeks now having bought it for more storage, but also to take on a trip. The leather on the outside is soft and supple as well as very secure. Inside there is a velvety material on every surface your pens might be in touch with, so they're very protected. The only problem someone might have is if you have a particularly long pen. My pilot 823 custom fits in there very nicely but if it was perhaps another 3/4" it may not. However the vast majority of pens will fit in here comfortably. Overall I'm very satisfied and will enjoy using this case for years to come. It's a nice size to take with you for travel, and keeps all of my pens very secure :)

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