30x/60x Lighted Loupe

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30x/60x Dual lighted loupe for examining pen parts and nibs. Suitable for up close examination of nib tipping and alignment. lenses are 30x22mm and 60x12mm in size. Aluminum housing and plastic construction makes for light weight and allows you to use just your fore finger to hold allowing for more natural position. Excellent optics allow for close examination from everything from scratches and cracks to nibs. When done, simply fold the loupe back inside the housing to protect the lens. Comes with extra battery and in small carry case, with a loop for use with lanyard.

9 Reviews

Shoe princess Nov 20th 2017

High power loop

Still learning how to use it to its full capacity but fantastically built, great lighting and nicely compact.

Sam Nov 20th 2017

Smaller than I realized

It took me awhile to figure out how to use the darn thing - holding it too far from the nib resulted in magnification, but turned everything upside down :-P But that's User Error, not a problem with the product. I use the loupe quite a bit now and all is well.

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