48 Pen Case Black Leather

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Designed from the start to fit pens as large as a Montblanc 149, pictured here with three modern pens for size reference, the TWSBI Diamond 540, the Lamy AL-Star, and a Noodler's Ahab. All pens fit comfortably in the case. 48 pen case in black leather. Features wide dual elastic straps to keep the pens separated. 11-3/4 inches wide by 13-3/4 inches tall.

2 Reviews

Joseph Murelli Nov 20th 2017

Purchased of 48 Pen Case Black Leather

This case meets all my requirements for safe storage of my Fountain pens. Great product and at a great price. I am planning on buying at lease 2 more cases in the near future.

Angela Smith Nov 20th 2017

Fantastic service once again!

Since my husband loves fountain pens and the associated inks and accessories, Anderson Pens is my go-to when I'm searching for the perfect gift for him. I've never been disappointed. That was again the case when I placed a last-minute Christmas order for a beautiful leather pen case. The order came in before Christmas, and my husband was delighted with his gift. Kudos to Anderson Pens for wonderful service. Best of all, the owners, Lisa and Brian, are just the nicest people ever, and it's great doing business with people you trust and respect.

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