54 mm J-Bar


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54mm J-Bar. One of the most common sizes of J bar. What you need for your Esterbrook. Note this may need to be trimmed for SJ or J pens with the internal tray. Trace the profile of the bar, trim a few mm at a time at the back J bend of the bar and then rebend to shape.Please note: Price is per J-Bar.

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Anna Maria Mazzarisi Soto May 29th 2018

Got my Arnold working!

Bought an FP off eBay and when I disassembled it, the jbar fell out in pieces! Replaced it with no problems.

Alan Dostert May 29th 2018

Anderson Pens/pressure bar order

First, I had some problems getting the original order to go thru (IT connectivity problems at my end), so ultimately two orders went thru...they caught that and processed the original order without any delays of complications... the product was exactly what I expected...great experience!

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