Akkerman #01 Passage Blauw Ink (60ml Bottle)

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This 60ml bottle of Akkerman #01 Passage Blauw fountain pen ink is a bright shade of blue that leans toward turquoise, and the packaging is very distinctive. The ink bottle fills by tipping the bottle upside down so that ink flows from the large bottom section, into a small upper section. When you tip the bottle back up, a small marble rests in the neck of the bottle to divide the two sections. Each color is named for a location in The Hague.

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Volume - 60ml

Bottle Material - Glass

Color Group - Blue

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1 Review

Linda Long Nov 20th 2017

Akkerman Passage Blauw Ink

Beautiful color, nice shading, smooth ink! This is my first experience with Akkerman ink, and I love it! I enjoy the clever design of the bottle as well.

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