Akkerman #21 China Town Red Ink (60ml Bottle)

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This 60ml bottle of Akkerman #21 China Town Red fountain pen ink is a bright, look-at-me shade of red, and the packaging is very distinctive. The ink bottle fills by tipping the bottle upside down so that ink flows from the large bottom section, into a small upper section. When you tip the bottle back up, a small marble rests in the neck of the bottle to divide the two sections. Each color is named for a location in The Hague.

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Volume - 60ml

Bottle Material - Glass

Color Group - Red

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1 Review

Terry Couch Nov 20th 2017


Wasn't sure I would like red, but after test writing a sample of China Town Red, I jumped on a bottle. For me, this a nice red which is made more nice by the line it lays with extra fine and fine nibbed pens I write with. TWSBI EF, Cross, Lamy Studio EF & F. I am happy with how it performs on TWSBI, Tomoe River, Rhidia, and Clairfontane Papers. It leaves a nice smooth line, no feathering, solid color - no wash out, almost greasy.

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