Akkerman #23 Bekakt Haags Ink Sample (3ml Vial)

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A 3ml sample of Akkerman #23 Bekakt Haags fountain pen ink, labeled with the name of the ink brand and color, in a plastic ink sample vial with a dip at the bottom to allow you to easily get every drop. Akkerman #23 Bekakt Haags ink is a rich, deep shade of brown.

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Volume - 3ml

Vial Material - Plastic

Color Group - Brown

2 Reviews

Francesca Jan 25, 2021

Chocolatey brown

P.W. Akkerman #23 Bekakt Haags is a nice chocolate brown, reminiscent of Diamine Chocolate Brown and Diamine Music Collection Bach. It is richly saturated with my nib and pen combos, and I can obtain some shading in drier pens—but not much. In heavily saturated areas of my swab, I observed a dark brown outline with goldish sheen; Bekakt Haags feels substantial under my Sailor 1911L 21 kt H-B nib but slightly thinner under my dry 21 kt H-M Sailor 1911S nib. In the latter, although the ink doesn’t cancel out the nib’s feedback, it doesn’t make it scratchy either. I prefer using this ink on white (and off-white) paper instead of cream (or ivory) toned paper because I like the contrast better on the former. The ink allows for nice, crisp lines, with no feathering on my papers; writing with it and reading back the handwritten notes is pleasant. I find the ink a bit too dark for corrections and marginalia, but I will definitely use this ink for long note-taking sessions.

Alfred Croucher Nov 20, 2017

Another beautiful ink

I'm still trying to decide which color to get. This one is lovely too.

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