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Anderson Pens Ink Sample Vial Holder, Experienced

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This 3 tiered plastic ink sample vial holder will store up to 50 of your ink samples in 1 place! Experienced - used around the store to hold samples, one corner has small corner cracked out but still sits firm and in perfect functioning condition.


4 Reviews

Hodgson Judy Dec 10th 2019

Lays flat to travel

Perfectly fits ink sample bottles (Goulet’s, too). The tray is sent in a flat bag... like an IKEA furniture. So you slide the parts together. Takes 2 minutes, or 5 if you are blind, have only one hand, and waist deep in lava.

Note, the plastic is quite brittle. I broke a wee piece off the rail of one tray. It had no effect on the function. I think I did pretty well, being waist deep in lava.

Delores Azary May 29th 2018

" Anderson Pens Ink Sample Vial Holder"

"I needed another vial holder to organize my samples. Thanks!

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