Anderson Pens Ink Sample Vial Set (10 Pack)


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Our Anderson Pens pre-packaged set of 10 ink sample vials and caps - the same ink sample vials that we ship all over the world. We offer our empty sample vials for mixing or storing ink or sending to friends! 5 ml capacity is enough for multiple refills from most pens.

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NontradStudent Aug 15, 2020

Nothing to add

Storing nibs, storing feeds, storing (some) sections, carrying a day's supply of meds, carrying a few refills of ink, ink blending, sampling and trading -- other raters have already identified the uses I put these to. And they have not let me down.

Michael Skaggs Jun 08, 2019

Very practical simple bottles.

They are the perfect size for sharing ink or deciding on your own mixes. They are also perfect for storing nibs / nib units / feeds seperately.

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