Anderson Pens Loupe - 30x-60x


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30x-60x LED loupe for examining pen parts and nibs. Suitable for up close examination of nib tipping and alignment. Lenses are 30x22mm and 60x12mm in size. Aluminum housing and plastic construction makes for light weight and allows you to use just your fore finger to hold allowing for more natural position. Excellent optics allow for close examination from everything from scratches and cracks to nibs. When done, simply fold the loupe back inside the housing to protect the lens. Comes in a small carry case and has a loop on one end for use with a lanyard. The loupe uses 3 LR1130 coin batteries which are included.

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Douglas Postlewait May 29th 2020

30X - 60X Loupe

Excellent - I purchased 2 more of these for my sons as they are so clear and the light within is a huge plus - would highly reccomend - original purchase arrived in in three days and subsequent purchase also came in three days to the Seattle area from the midwest - superb service!

NontradStudent May 14th 2020

A revelation

I have used the 60x lens set probably ten ties for every time I have used the 30x. As others have observed, the clarity is much higher than other similar lenses.

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