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Anderson Pens Sac Shellac (15ml Bottle)


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A 15ml amber bottle of sac shellac, which is used to attach pen sacs to the section nipple during restoration, as well as for other uses. The bottle has a wide mouth opening, and the cap has an integrated brush for ease of application.

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Tristan Aug 20th 2019

Perfect container

The brush mounted under the cap is the perfect size and form for fountain pen work. It reduces the tools and clean-up required.

Andrew Pitonyak Aug 8th 2019

Excellent container and applicator, just the right cut.

As a woodworker, I mix my own shellac all the time. It is easy, therefore, for me to simply mix my own and I have done that in the past. This is nice in that the bottle is a good size and it comes with an applicator. Also, they have the proper "cut" of shellac, which means there is a nice ratio of shellac flakes to alcohol (the thinner for shellac). I decided to just buy this and give it a try so that I did not need to take the time to mix my own and then find an appropriate applicator / brush.

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