Anderson Pens Sac Shellac (15ml Bottle)


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A 15ml amber bottle of sac shellac, which is used to attach pen sacs to the section nipple during restoration, as well as for other uses. The bottle has a wide mouth opening, and the cap has an integrated brush for ease of application.

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John W Ross May 29th 2018

Sac Shellac

The shellac worked well to attach the sac.

Kevin McDonough May 29th 2018

Pen Rehab

A few weeks ago, I purchased an old esterbrook fountain pen. The sac was shot, and if it was going to write again, I would need parts. Anderson Pens had everything I needed on hand. Thanks to them, I was able to acquire the new ink sacs, talc, and shellac I would need, and got an old girl working again. Of the 4 fountain pens I own, this is the only one that wasn't purchased new, and thanks to Anderson pens, it is my most reliable.

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