Blackstone Blue Gum Ink (30ml Bottle)

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30ml plastic bottle of Blackstone Blue Gum fountain pen ink from Blackstone's Scents of Australian collection. A very pleasant, mild and spicy eucalyptus smell. The Blue Gum is a massive gum tree that can grow up to 100m. It is found mainly in Tasmania and Southern Victoria and is the floral emblem of Tasmania. New leaves are covered with blue/grey waxy bloom which gives it it's common name.

Blackstone fountain pen ink is a high quality, Australian made fountain pen ink formulated from water soluble dyes with no harmful additives and is pH neutral. Blackstone ink can also be used with a stylus or brushes and is ideal for writing, calligraphy, drawing, washes, painting, and airbrushing.

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Volume - 30ml Bottle Material - Plastic Color Group - Blue, Green Special Properties - Scented

2 Reviews

Phyllis Evans May 25th 2018

A New Favorite!

Love at first fill. This is my first bottle of Blackstone Ink, but it won't be my last. Amazing sheen that I didn't expect. Loaded it in a usually troublesome pen, and it's very smooth. The pen is back in rotation on my desk. Subtle scent with Blue Gum is just enough. I'm hooked.

Zarah McIntosh May 25th 2018

Excellent flow and sheen, smells nice.

I LOVE BLACKSTONE INKS, especially the ones that sheen. They flow AWESOME out of my Jinhao x450 and x750 pens with their standard medium nib. I've also created Frankenpens out of my Jinhaos by installing the titanium Zebra G in my x450s and the standard chrome nib in my x750s. For how much these Blackstone inks sheen, they work pretty well in this pen/nib set up. High maintenance, sure, but well worth it.

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