Conklin Duragraph Fountain Pen - Purple Nights

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The Conklin Pen Company revives its 1920's classic model, the Duragraph. The Duragraph was originally released in 1923, and is a classic example of the streamlined flat-top design that was so popular during that era. The Duragraph is produced from a unique hand-made resin, and each pen features the famous Conklin logo engraved over a brushed metal crown on each cap. A silver-plated clip and cap trim band accent each pen. The Duragraph fountain pens use a cartridge/converter filling system, and the international style converter is included.

The fountain pens feature a polished stainless steal for the 1.1mm stub and two-tone finish for extra-fine, fine, medium and broad.

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1 Review

Carrie May 25th 2018

Not so purple

The purple isn't as striking as on the website but I enjoy Conklins, hence 4 rahter than lower.

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