Conklin Vintage Green Crescent Filler

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The Vintage Green Crescent features Conklin's Cushion Point steel nib, available in Fine, Medium and 1.1mm Stub point sizes as well as the original spring loaded Rocker clip design patented in 1916. This perfectly balanced clip will easily fit and hold firmly in this shirt pockets, as well as in thick jackets or coat pockets. 1.1mm Stub only available in single tone finish.

2 Reviews

Christo May 25th 2018

Great pen, great service

The pen is awesome classic and unique ; but would stand out is Emerson pens service. Excellent job all around.

Vaughn May 24th 2018

Amazing Crescent Filler

This pen is unique, affordable, and a workhorse. I was hesitant about the steel nib at first, but it performs beautifully. The crescent filling mechanism makes inking it up a breeze. And cleaning is even easier than it is with a converter/piston. All you have to do is unscrew the nib and flush everything with water (i.e. no need to fill, drain, fill, drain, etc.)

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