Edison #6 Steel Nib Unit - Two-Tone, 1.1mm Stub

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This Edison #6 Steel two-tone 1.1mm Stub nib unit is a complete all-in-one nib/feed unit which screws into your Edison pen, that is designed like Esterbrook nibs of old. The Edison Steel nib units generally look best in Edison fountain pens with gold trim. The 1.1mm stub nib has no tipping.

Please note: Edison is undergoing a rolling change in their gold plated and regular 18kt gold nibs - Two tone nibs are being phased out in favor of Single tone gold plated or single tone 18kt gold. Some nibs are only available in single tone gold. If this is a concern, please email or call for more details.

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3 Reviews

Elvistylo May 25th 2018

Edison 1.1 stub nib

This Edison stub is very nice. I have only recently discovered stub nibs, and I like to write regularly with them. Who needs flex when you got stub? OK, don't answer that...but for everyday writing, stubs are nice.

Martin Leverton Nov 20th 2017


Every single Edison No.6 nib I have used has been brilliant, period. I have tried Pelikan nibs, and Sailor nibs, and they undoubtedly have sublime qualities that make them worth their price. But when I pick up a fountain pen, I am as likely to pick up an Edison, as any other pen, and expect I will have just as good a writing experience. If you have to study the minute differences between nibs, then there probably isn't any practical difference for normal writing. A well tuned, and smooth nib Edison nib (as they are) writes as well as any other nib I own. The No 6 italic 1.1 nibs and 1.5 nibs are no exception. I had no problem adapting to using them for normal writing, but I'd say that you would need to find, for yourself, which ink best suits the two different nib widths.

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