Edison #6 Steel Nib Unit - Two-Tone, Fine

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This Edison #6 Steel two-tone Fine nib unit is a complete all-in-one nib/feed unit which screws into your Edison pen, that is designed like Esterbrook nibs of old. The Edison Steel nib units generally look best in Edison fountain pens with gold trim.

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2 Reviews

Ron French Nov 20th 2017

Product review

My two tone fine nib is very smooth,and has
made my Edison Pen my favorite for everyday use.

Darrel Cowley Nov 20th 2017

Edison Fine Nib, two tone.

I fitted this to Rosetta Magellan, filled with Noodler's Black Swan in Australian Roses. Very smooth nib but is also very very wet. So wet that it writes more like a medium width. Changed the ink to Parker Quink which I find writes slightly drier. Makes a little difference. Good on Rhodia paper but poor on standard 80GSM paper.

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