Edison #6 Steel Nib and Feed Unit - Two-Tone, Medium

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This Edison #6 Steel two-tone Medium nib unit is a complete all-in-one nib/feed unit which screws into your Edison pen, that is designed like Esterbrook nibs of old. The Edison Steel nib units generally look best in Edison fountain pens with gold trim.

2 Reviews

Steve Nov 29th 2018

Good call

I considered swapping just the nib itself on an Edison Collier (it had too fine a nib for me), but then I saw that AP sold the whole nib/feed unit from Edison. If the Edison logo is important to you, pay the extra $10 and get this product. You can simply screw this into the section. Less risky than yanking and reinstalling just the nib.

Roger Dominick Nov 20th 2017

A pen refresher

Even though my tastes have changed over the last 20 years of fountain pen use, there's still some corner of my mind that insists extra-fine is the way to go. When it finally came time to order a custom-made Edison, I listened to that small voice, and was never quite happy with the result. With this new nib, my gorgeous yellow Glenmont will be seeing a lot more use. Easy to swap out, wrote well immediately, changed my investment from an "ehhhh" to "oh, gosh, I like this".

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