Edison Beaumont Fountain Pen - Fireball


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Fountain Pen
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18kt Gold
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The Edison Beaumont fountain pen in Fireball with silver colored clip and trim band features a #6 steel nib engraved with the Edison logo. The Beaumont was released in August 2012, and is reminiscent of the 1930"s flat top pens. The Edison Beaumont fountain pen has a smaller size, white fits comfortably in the hands of both men and women writers. The Edison Beaumont fountain pen uses either the included standard international converter, or short standard international cartridges for your convenience.

The nib options for the pen range from steel EF through Broad, plus 1.1mm and 1.5mm stub sizes, or upgrades to an 18kt nib are available. Please Note: Some 18kt nibs are special order and will take an additional 7-10 days for delivery.

Please note: Edison is undergoing a rolling change in their gold plated and regular 18kt gold nibs - Two tone nibs are being phased out in favor of Single tone gold plated or single tone 18kt gold. Some nibs are only available in single tone gold. If this is a concern, please email or call for more details.

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