Empty Akkerman 60ml Bottle

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An empty Akkerman 60ml bottle, that may or may not have ink residue. The ink color shown on the bottle in the image is for display purposes only, and is not necessarily what you will receive. We will honor color requests when available, but this is not guaranteed in any way.

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3 Reviews

Peter Ogden Nov 20, 2017


Put some Pelikan 4001 black ink after washing it out... Best bottle for inking pens I've seen yet. Beats the pants off of the pathetic J. Herbin bottles (excluding the anniversary inks)

I like it better than even the Scrip ones that have the little ink pocket in them. This holds more and is easier to access...

Karl Eckler Nov 20, 2017

Awesome Inkwell!

This thing is an excellent conversation starter. I love the look, the box, the design... And the price!

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