Empty Noodler's 4.5oz Bottle

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Empty Noodler's 4.5oz glass bottle with eyedropper. May or may not have some ink/residue left in it. The ink color shown on the bottle in the image is for display purposes only, and is not necessarily what you will receive. We will honor color requests when available, but this is not guaranteed in any way.

1 Review

NontradStudent Aug 25, 2019

Noodler's 4.5 oz bottle review

Seems I always need a drop or three of distilled water at some point or other when I'm tinkering with a pen, whether to ease the reassembly or dissolve a little ink or replenish evaporation in one that doesn't seal as well as, perhaps, it should. When I ran out of Heart of Darkness I refilled the bottle with distilled water, and now I'm set.

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