Empty Visconti V Bottle

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Empty Visconti V bottle with plastic outer container. May or may not have some ink/residue left in it. The ink color shown on the bottle in the image is for display purposes only, and is not necessarily what you will receive. We will honor color requests when available, but this is not guaranteed in any way.

3 Reviews

Claudia May 24, 2018

Visconti empty ink bottle

Everything was done in a "first class" manner. Great service.

Bradley May 24, 2018

Not what I expected...

This is my bad. I thought the bottle itself was made of glass. It is not. It is a plastic (albeit quality plastic.... is there such a thing?) bottle. I like the looks of the bottle and will use it for custom mixed colors and will also use it for my ever faithful Parker Quink Permanent Black as it would appear I can get more of the ink out of the Visconti bottle than the Parker bottle.

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