Esterbrook Estie Slim Fountain Pen - Lilac with Palladium Trim

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The lilac blooms large with heavy wands of flowers that add abundant color to the landscape. They scent the air with trailing waves of lingering fragrance. Holding a sacred place in nature, the lilac is delicate and precious.

The lilac has been a part of mythology since the time of the Greeks’ reign. The Impressionists revered the lilac. It appears awash in color in the paintings of Claude Monet and Vincent Van Gogh and the poetry of Walt Whitman. It also holds a place in American history, known to be planted in the gardens of George Washington.

As the most expert of gardeners knows, fall is the most opportune time to plant lilacs. It allows them to be exposed to the winter chill which ensures they will bloom plentifully come spring.

As this season of planting arrives and the weather turns cold, we are pleased to introduce the newest Esterbrook, the Lilac Estie in Slim with Steel #4 Schmidt nib. Please note the Estie Slim is not compatible with the MV nib adapter.

One cartridge and a converter are included with the Estie for convenience.

Please Note: some nibs may be 7-10 days for delivery.