Esterbrook Model B Fountain Pen - Blue - 2788 Flexible Medium Nib (2023-0526-04)


Pen Type:
Fountain Pen
Nib Material:
Filling Mechanism:
Pen Model:
Cap Closure:
Trim Color:

Esterbrook model B fountain pen. ca. 1941 with 2788 flexible steel medium point nib which writes closer to a Broad. Nib is early version with flat feed. Very hard nib to find. Note, this nib should be considered soft or bouncy only, any attempt to fully flex this nib will damage, if not break the tines. This is the full size model. Fully restored and in working order. Lever filler and only fills from the bottle. Crisp imprint and overall excellent condition.

**Vintage pens, or pens marked as Experienced will be considered for return only if they arrived to you as mechanically defective. Experienced pens may have small defects or scuffs, since they often have been pre-owned, and they have been priced accordingly. All Japanese Pen Nibs are graded as the manufacturer intended, that is, they will be finer than western counterparts (e.g. Japanese Medium is more like a Western Fine, Fine is more like an Extra Fine, etc.).