Esterbrook OS Estie Fountain Pen - Rocky Top

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The Estie has been an integral part of the revival of the new Esterbrook brand. It’s sleek and stately in the hand and a great writing instrument for everyday use and special occasions.

Introducing the Estie Rocky Top Oversized fountain pen. This gem of a pen has had a glitzy makeover and is our most ambitious Estie to date. This vibrant swirling shades of amber, brown and gray sparkling resin fountain pen has gold trim and has a cushion cap closure. It comes with a standard international cartridge or converter and uses the #6 JOWO German steel nib. As Esterbrook is committed to collaborations with US makers, for this limited edition Estie, we partnered with Tim McKenzie of McKenzie Penworks in Charlotte, NC.

The Journaler nib is available as a $50 upcharge.

Esterbrook began manufacturing nibs in the US in the mid 1800s, but the 1930s were a period of importance, as they introduced their first interchangeable nib system in 1933. The interchangeable nibs gave the user many options for writing, whether in school, business, personal etc. Today, a similar system is reborn with the Estie and the specially engineered MV Nib Adaptor (sold separately). The MV adaptor delivers a vintage nib experience with a modern shape Esterbrook pen. You can fit any vintage Esterbrook nib unit into this adaptor, and use it with your modern Estie fountain pen.

Please Note: some nibs may be 7-10 days for delivery.

** Please note that the Journaler nibs are not marked as such. They start life as a Medium nib and are ground from that, so all Journaler nibs are originally marked as Medium. **