Esterbrook ReNew Point Nib Unit - 2284, Broad Stub

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This Esterbrook ReNew replacement nib and feed unit is marked 2284, a Broad Stub nib made of stainless steel. Esterbrook ReNew nib units are interchangeable, and to change them, you simply unscrew one and screw in another one.

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5 Reviews

EST-2314B May 24th 2018

Esterbrook nibs

I am new to the fountain pen repair community and heard wonderful things about the Andersons. Esterbrook nibs are getting more rare by the day and I am trying to gather as many as I can before they are all gone. The nib I received was in pristine condition and writes beautifully. Thanks to the Andersons for providing such great customer service.

Anna May 24th 2018

Esterbrook nib 2284

Nib arrived in good time. It was in a good condition, and wrote well straight out of the box.

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