Esterbrook ReNew Point Nib Unit - 2312, Italic Medium

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This Esterbrook ReNew replacement nib and feed unit marked 2312 is an Italic Medium nib made of stainless steel. Esterbrook ReNew nib units are interchangeable, and to change them, you simply unscrew one and screw in another one. The Esterbrook 2312 nib is very hard to find.

Please note that Esterbrook ReNew Point nib units are designed to fit vintage Esterbrook pens. These will fit into the modern Esterbrook pens that can accept the MV (Modern to Vintage) Nib adapter, but only by using that adapter.

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1 Review

Mary Garavaglia Nov 20th 2017

Awesome Nib...2312 Italic Medium

Didn't think I'd ever be able to acquire this rare Estie nib but the Andersons came through for me once again. It's a beautiful, smooth writer and I couldn't be happier to add this to my Estie collection.

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