Esterbrook ReNew Point Nib Unit - 9048, Extra Flexible Fine

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This Esterbrook ReNew replacement nib and feed unit marked 9048 is an Extra Flexible Fine nib made of stainless steel. Esterbrook ReNew nib units are interchangeable, and to change them, you simply unscrew one and screw in another one.

Please note that Esterbrook ReNew Point nib units are designed to fit vintage Esterbrook pens. These will fit into the modern Esterbrook pens that can accept the MV (Modern to Vintage) Nib adapter, but only by using that adapter.

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8 Reviews


Esterbook 9048 nib

Came as ordered. Packing was sloppy. As it is being shipped in bubble envelope. Should have packed nib in nib container thus avoiding necessary damage.

Bert Aug 11th 2019

Writes very nicely

I don't know why people give the 9048 and the 9128 a hard time: they were mostly meant to write shorthand, so they didn't need to flex that much.
This 9048 writes an EF/F line and has a little bit of line variation up to B. Which is perfectly fine: because the line is very thin to begin with, you can see the line variation well enough and it looks very good actually.
Recommended for those who want to add a little bit of flair to their writing. For those looking for a wet noodle nib: look on, this is not that kind of nib.

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