Field Notes Notebooks - Limited Edition Vignette (3 Pack)

Field Notes

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The Field Notes' Spring 2020 quarterly limited edition (the 46th Edition) features a 3-Pack of graph paper journals with covers that you can customize! The notebooks measure 3.5 x 5.5 inches with a dot grid pattern that is spaced at 4.7mm.

From Field Notes:

Our Quarterly release for the Spring of 2020 is the Vignette Edition. The graph paper Memo Books in these 3-Packs feature a clever die-cut pocket that allows you to include your own image — any image — as an integrated part of the cover design. We’ve noticed how people customize their Field Notes covers with a sticker, title, sketch, or stamp, so the Vignette Edition makes that sort of personalization quick and easy, resulting in a very slick finished product.

So really, the theme of these books is completely up to you. Maybe it’s a photo of your crew, your kids, or your pup? Possibly a screen grab from your favorite movie, cartoon, or tv show? Will it be artwork by a famous artist, or by your not-yet-famous toddler? A team logo, vacation selfie, literary hero, pop star… or just that sweet photo you took of the full moon, shining through the branches of the bare oak out by the tree line. Yeah, that’d work great.

Two stippled Charcoal Gray books and one super-bright Terra Green book make up each 3-Pack. We’ve also included a set of Field Notes-themed insert cards for you to play around with, to see how the Vignette personalization system works. But after you try those out, get to work on your own. Because that’s what this release is really all about.

To that end, there’s a tool in each pack to frame and crop existing images (or fabric samples, maps, anything flat, really) to the proper size. We’ve also made a simple web app to shoot, adapt, share, and print your own personal digital photos, as “vignettes.” We can’t wait to see how you personalize these, and re-personalize them over and over. Please share your customizations on social media with the tag #myownfieldnotes and we’ll feature them.