Franklin-Christoph 1 Pen Neck Loop Case - Blue

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One of the more interesting pen related storage pieces has always been the single slot with neck loop. This is now offered in raw silk blend in a bright blue color that is exclusive to Anderson Pens.

- Great for pens without clips, or for people without pockets. Need your pen always handy on the job, or while writing at your desk, then this case might be for you.

- Franklin-Christoph small logo at base lower back.

- Slot leather or fabric will stretch to fit larger pens in many cases.

- Adjustable neck loop.

- Dimensions:
Back of slot = 6.7"
Front of slot rises to 4"

- Best for pens under .60" thick and under 5.6" tall. Total length of the neck loop above the slot is 13.5" on each side when pulled straight.

2 Reviews

David May 24th 2018

So useful

I picked this up a few months ago, thinking I would use it around the house, but it turns out I use it at work all the time. I move around a lot at work, and with no shirt pockets, this keep a decent pen handy no matter where I am, so I never have to rely on awful ballpoints. Every once in a while it has a slight tendency to rotate several degrees clockwise (I think this mostly happens when I have no collar to tuck it under), but it's otherwise pretty perfect. I'm definitely glad I bought it!

MJ Nov 20th 2017

Useful and attractive

This will be great for work. Thanks for a well-made, attractive product.

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