Girologio 3 Pen Zipper Case - Brown Leather

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Designed from the start to fit pens as large as a Montblanc 149, pictured here with three modern pens for size reference, the TWSBI Diamond 540, the Lamy AL-Star, and a Noodler's Ahab. All pens fit comfortably in the case. Three pen zip case in brown leather. Features wide dual elastic straps to keep the pens separated. 7 inches wide by 3-1/2 inches tall

2 Reviews

Richard Z Nov 20th 2017

Good case, Poor color

Bought this case for my treasured Pelikan and found a couple issues off the bat. The color is shown as brown, however it is much more red then pure brown. Compared to other brown leather it is much more red in nature.

Case itself is well built and hold my pens securely. My only complaint is pulling pens out almost forces them to meet the zipper which is potential areas for scratches. Typically I can fold the zipper down or place a cloth in-between. For the money it's pretty good value despite the cons.

Terry Couch Nov 20th 2017

Doing its job

For the price, I find the 3 Zip Pen case to be an excellent value. I bought this case online, site unseen. Construction appears to be just fine. I can't say much about durability as I just recieved it a few weeks ago. But for now, I can give it an excellent rating.

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