Hobonichi 5-Year Cousin A5 Size (2023-2027)


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The Hobonichi 5 Year Techo Cousin is an A5 size, and features a page design that makes it easy to keep up with your life for all 5 years. This is the Japanese version, not the English version. On each spread, the left page has the date and day of the week for all 5 years, and the right has blank pages. The start of the book contains a yearly calendar across the 5-year span. The thin, light Tomoe River paper, is strong, resistant to bleeding, and allows ink to glide smoothly across the paper, making this an ideal choice for a 5 year planner.

** Please note that this 5 Year Techo spans the years 2023 - 2027 **

** According to Hobonichi, the Tomoe River paper used in the 2023 planners and paper accessories is the same paper that was used in the 2022 planners and accessories. Starting in 2024 (on sale in September 2023), the Hobonichi planners will use the new Tomoe River paper. The Weeks planners will start with the new paper in 2025. A sample of the new paper is included with the 2023 Techo and Cousin planners. **