Kaweco Classic Sport Fountain Pen - Blue

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The Kaweco Classic Sport fountain pen shown here in Blue is a smaller pocket-sized pen that features a smooth gold-plated steel nib and dark blue plastic barrel and cap. The Kaweco Classic Sport fountain pen is quite short when capped, but when posted, it is a comfortable 5.25 inches long in the hand. The cap screws on to close, and accepts both standard international cartridges, which are included, or a short converter which is available separately.

The add-on clip in either silver or gold metal, or the new Deluxe clip in Raw Bronze, Gold or Chrome, is a nice extra, especially if you keep the pen in a shirt pocket!

1 Review

Charles Mautz Nov 20, 2017

Amazing little pocket pen!

I bought this pen to try out the Kaweco brand - it is very small when capped, fits in your pocket and you don't even know it's there. Capped, it's long enough to be comfortable (about the length of a capped Preppy when posted). The small gold nib is great ,the pen writes very well, and shades well with the provide blue ink cartridge. I have the converter too, so I'll refill with other inks (probably the Stormy Grey I just bought from you) when it runs out. Gave it to my 11yr old daughter, she's the rage in her Middle School. Everybody wants the fancy fountain pen!

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