Kaweco Classic Sport Fountain Pen - Clear

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The Kaweco Classic Sport fountain pen shown here in Clear with a steel nib is compact yet functional, thus supporting the Kaweco slogan "Small in the pocket, yet great in the hand". The pen is quite short when capped, but when posted is a comfortable 5.25 " long. The Classic Sport pen in Clear is made of high-quality colorful plastic, and is also available in several other colors and patterns.

The cap screws on, and the pen features a 23k gold plated steel nib with the Kaweco logo engraved on it. The Kaweco Classic Sport fountain pen uses a short international cartridge which is included, or the optional Kaweco converter. The add-on clip in either silver or gold metal, is a nice extra, especially if you keep the pen in a shirt pocket!

1 Review

JohnJeffrey Drew Nov 20th 2017

Terrific little fountain pen!

The service & delivery from Anderson are most welcome and excellent! The Kaweco Sport with fine, gold nib are excellent for small note taking in my booklets! Very easy to hold in my small hands and not a big risk if lost when I travel! Thanks for the excellent products and service!

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