Kaweco Squeeze Converter

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Kaweco squeeze converter for use in Classic Sport and AL Sport pens! Also fits other international pens where a short converter is needed! New design!

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7 Reviews

Patty Oct 26th 2020

first impressions left a lot to be desired

I had a hard time getting any ink into the pen using this converter. I ended up filing it with a syringe and using it like a cartridge and it works just fine that way. I think its capacity is the same or maybe a bit less than an international standard short cartridge. I have a second one to try with my other Kaweko Sport. If it works better, I'll submit a new review. If it doesn't work well, I'll just refill empty cartridges.

Roger Moldenhauer Nov 20th 2017

Squeeze Converter

It doesn't appear to suck up an adequate supply of ink.

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