Lamy AL-Star Fountain Pen - Azure

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The Lamy Al-Star fountain pen in Azure features an aluminum body and chrome plated metal clip. The contoured grip section ensures that the pen is held correctly for the optimal writing experience, and the unique clip design makes the Lamy Al-Star instantly recognizable. The Lamy Al-Star Azure fountain pen features a smooth steel nib, and includes a proprietary Lamy cartridge, but the Lamy Z28 converter can be purchased separately for use with bottled ink.

** As a Special Introductory Offer, The 1st 20 customers who purchase a Lamy Safari fountain pen in Azure in any listed nib size, will also receive a color matching leather pen sleeve. **

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1 Review

Ruth Morrisson May 22, 2021

What can I say? It's an al-Star! ;-)

this is the new "Azure" al-Star. The color is, well, odd -- and very dependent on the ambient light. So sometimes it's more blue-ish, and sometimes looks more silver-grey. So, I might ding it half a star for the color (I asked around a bunch of places before ordering one because the promo photos I'd seen online varied so much, and someone here very kindly sent photos with it next to the Graphite and I think one of the LX colors). Beyond that? It's an al-Star, and so writes well (I got a medium nib, because there wasn't a lot of choices, but at some point I might spring for one of the stub nibs instead, just to be different). The only caveat of course is that I recommend that if you're new to the Safari/al-Star/LX lineup, you might want to try one before buying -- some people can't get used to the triangular section (I was like that until someone gave me a cheap Chinese knockoff). Oh, yeah, and they're all kinda "fugly" looking, so that might be a turn-off for some people as well, but doesn't bother me (I think that had they been made in the 1960s, they would have been great props on the old TV series _The Prisoner_). They're well balanced, even when posted, and they are neither too fat and heavy nor too skinny. Plus, the nibs are easily swappable between the three models (I have one other al-Star, three of the SE/LE colors of Safaris, and an LX, so I'm sold on the design ergonomics at this point). I do recommend getting a converter to use bottled ink, though -- Lamy packs their pens with Lamy Blue cartridges, and that's a really boring ink.

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