Micro-Gloss #1 (1 oz bottle)

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Micro-Gloss Liquid Abrasive is one of the most versatile products you will ever use! This very concentrated formulation is used as the final step of our finishing procedures to not only remove any residual fine surface scratches, but to also polish to a high gloss.

Being a water-base formulation, Micro-Gloss is environmentally safe and friendly. This product contains a 1 micron abrasive crystal that works to remove fine damage. Most cleaners and polishes contain products that can damage surfaces over time. Micro-Gloss #1 does not!

Micro-Gloss can be used on any plastic, wood, coatings, metal, and composite surfaces to give it that ultra smooth and shiny mirror finish. It takes a nice finish and makes it a wow finish!

A one ounce bottle of Micro-Gloss #1 liquid polish. For superficial damage repair on acrylic surfaces. Clean surface with water or damp cloth first. Apply Micro-Gloss to surface. Rub briskly with cloth for 2 to 3 minutes or until Micro-Gloss disappears. Repeat application on any area not satisfactorily restored. For a more slightly more abrasive polish start with Micro-Gloss #5 first, then follow with Micro-Gloss #1. Shake well before use.

2 Reviews

Patrick Canty Aug 21st 2018

Micro-Gloss #1

This product — along with Anderson Pens Micro-Gloss No. 5 — is liquid gold! I received an old Sheaffer 1000 of my aunt’s to restore and the barrel was so scratched the whole thing looked like a cross between a matte and a textured finish. Hopeless. Well, I ordered both the Micro-Gloss #1 and #5, along with a set of Anderson Pens Micro-mesh pads. I read about how to use those from one of Brian Anderson’s helpful articles. Worked my way through the profession of pads on the barrel and then polished it off with the Micro-Gloss #5 and #1, and the result was absolutely astounding. The finish is mirror-like and brilliant, and the pen looks like it did when it came out of the box 50-plus years ago. Fantastic products; simply amazing customer service and resources! Thanks to the folks at Anderson Pens!

R S Nov 20th 2017

Does what it says it does

This works well and cleans up easily.

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