Micro-Gloss #5 (1 oz bottle)

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A 1 ounce bottle of Micro-Gloss #5 Liquid Abrasive is a stronger formulation than 1 micron Micro-Gloss #1. #5 is approved as a Type II polish for aircraft canopies and will remove a 9 micron scratch. After using #5, follow this by using the standard Micro-Gloss for a crystal clear finish. Micro-Gloss #5 is a water base formulation and is environmentally safe. This concentrated cream does not cover damage or fill in damage - it removes it! Most cleaners and polishes contain products that can damage surfaces over time. Micro-Gloss #5 does not!

For superficial damage repair on acrylic surfaces. Clean surface with water or damp cloth first. Apply Micro-Gloss to surface. Rub briskly with cloth for 2 to 3 minutes or until Micro-Gloss disappears. Repeat application on any area not satisfactorily restored. For a more slightly more abrasive polish start with Micro-Gloss #5 first, then follow with Micro-Gloss #1. Shake well before use.

1 Review

Gary Oct 12th 2019


Received but not used yet. Based on results from #1 which is finer I expect very good results. Will use to remove a scratch from a Parker 51.

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