Montblanc Royal Blue Ink (60ml Bottle)

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60ml bottle of Montblanc Royal Blue fountain pen ink. Montblanc Royal Blue fountain pen ink is a vibrant shade of blue.

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Volume - 60ml, Material - Glass, Color Group - Blue

3 Reviews

Bruce May 24th 2018

Beautiful Clear Blue Ink

This is a great blue, nice and clear. I love the bottle.

Bo May 23rd 2018

Good purple-blue ink.

"This is an ink that tends toward purple or sapphire. So if you are looking for true blue, this ink is probably not for you.

Other than that, no complaints at all about its performance. It's flows and lubricates well.

The packaging and presentation are, in my opinion, a notch even above Pilot Iroshizuku line of inks. Absolutely beautiful bottle that is both crystal clear and functional. The Germans know a thing or two about good design, don't they?"

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