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The Monteverde Monza is a colorful and transparent demonstrator pen. Featuring a modern, eye-catching design and adorned with chrome accents inside and out, this lightweight fountain pen is sure to please. The polished body shows off the pens inner workings, catching the light and allowing your ink to shine. Comfortable in hand, this pen is suited for everyday writing, perfect for beginner fountain pen enthusiasts as well as professionals.;& The Monteverde Monza collection is available in 4 beautiful colors: Island Blue, Gray Sky, Crystal Clear, and Honey Amber.
The fountain pen's stainless steel nib is a medium point and utilizes either cartridge or converter filling. Comes with two cartridges, but no converter or box. Used as a tester in our store and at shows. Pen has been thoroughly cleaned and is is in perfect condition.

1 Review

Andrew Pearson May 25th 2018

Converter problem

I sent an email to the contact address because the converter doesn't seem to pull any ink. I have tried it many times and nothing comes into it. Either it is defective or I don't know how to use it. I could use some help as I have several ink colors to use with the pen.

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