Morrison's Sterling Filigree Fountain Pen and Pencil Set - 14kt Medium Nib (2022-1125-3435)

Pen Type:
Fountain Pen
Nib Material:
Filling Mechanism:
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Morrison's Sterling Silver filigree overlay over black hard rubber fountain pen. 14kt gold Medium point nib. Lever Filler only fills from the bottle. There is a crack through the barrel near the Lever ring area but is very stable. Disfiguration at end of barrel, does not permit cap posting. Rivet clip is missing. Pencil in working order but will need eraser if you intend to use it. Restored and in working order.

**Vintage pens, or pens marked as Experienced will be considered for return only if they arrived to you as mechanically defective. Experienced pens may have small defects or scuffs, since they often have been pre-owned, and they have been priced accordingly. All Japanese Pen Nibs are graded as the manufacturer intended, that is, they will be finer than western counterparts (e.g. Japanese Medium is more like a Western Fine, Fine is more like an Extra Fine, etc.).