Namiki Nippon Art Fountain Pen - Golden Pheasant

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This gorgeous Nippon Art Series fountain pen captures the image of a pair of pheasants at take off. The background is filled with a grouping of heart-shaped particles raised by the beating wings. The silver pheasant seen on the cap points downward, with its long tapered tail feathers spread out around the cap. The pheasant on the barrel, the male, is rising up. He is much more colorful bird and seems to be rising to meet the female on the cap. The cap and barrel have a single start thread, so that the two birds always align beak to beak when the cap is screwed onto the barrel. Gold and other metallic powers are applied to create the shapes and colors of this design and the low relief motif can be felt as well as seen.

The artist's kanji signature can be seen on the pen as an additional design feature. The Namiki Nippon Art Golden Pheasant fountain pen fills with the included larger capacity Con-70 converter, or Pilot/Namiki cartridges can be used as well. The Namiki #10 solid gold 14k nib is inscribed with the silhouette of Mt. Fuji as well as the Namiki pentagon logo. The Namiki Nippon Art Golden Pheasant fountain pen arrives in a traditional softwood gift box.

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