Namiki Yukari Maki-e Fountain Pen - Rock Garden


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Fountain Pen
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18kt Gold
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This Namiki Yukari Maki-e fountain pen in the Rock Garden design was created by a collaboration of maki-e artists (Kokkokai) in Japan. It features the Togidashi-Hira Maki-e technique (burnished-raised maki-e), depicting the Rock Garden found at Garden Ryokan, or Japanese Inn.. The fountain pen features a superb 18k nib that glides across the page effortlessly. The Namiki logo can be seen on the clip as well as on the nib, which also depicts an image of Mt. Fuji. The fountain pen comes in a nice softwood presentation box, and includes both a Con-70 converter and a bottle of ink to get you started writing with this gorgeous work of art.

This gorgeous fountain pen depicts the understated beauty of this haven that overlooks the Seto Island Sea. Gold flecks create pathways among the rocks, while the dark black background evokes tranquility and silence, befitting of meditation in a rock garden. As always, the artists' signature in kanji is an integral part of the design and finished product.

Garden Ryokan has a reputation for luxury, and was rated one of the best gardens by America's Journal of Japanese Gardening. The design of the Yukari Rock Garden fountain pen incorporates two different Maki-e techniques to depict the essence of this natural sanctuary. Togidashi-maki-e (burnished Maki-e) is a method in which gilded patterns are dried, re coated with urushi, and finally burnished to a high sheen using charcoal. You can see the effect of this technique in the resulting raised texture on the brown and grey rocks. The Hira-maki-e method (flat Maki-e) uses colored urushi lacquers combined with raw lacquer which is then coated with a sprinkling of gold powder.

Maki-e is the centuries-old traditional Japanese art of adorning lacquer ware by applying multiple layers of lacquer, decorated with powders and flakes of gold, silver, and colored pigments, as well as thin slivers of abalone shell. The Maki-e artist begins the work with a drawing of the intended design, which is then transferred to the prepared lacquer surface. The task of transforming the outline drawing into a complex decoration of sprinkled powders is complex, lengthy, and requires years of study and practice, as well as steady hands and a great deal of patience.

These pens are truly one-of-a-kind works of art, and they are warrantied for life by Namiki.

Please note we are unable to accept a return of this pen for any reason once it has been inked.