Noodler's Dostoyevsky Ink (3oz Bottle)

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3oz glass bottle of Noodler's Dostoyevsky fountain pen ink. Noodler's Dostoyevsky fountain pen ink is a brighter, lighter shade of blue.

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Volume - 3oz

Bottle Material - Glass

Color Group - Blue

Special properties - Bulletproof, Eternal, Forgery-Resistant, Water Resistant, Fluorescent

3 Reviews

Michael Vargo May 23rd 2018

Noodler's Dostoyesky

My favorite teal colored fountain pen ink. Has gray blue and green tints.

MrsDrG May 23rd 2018

Picky - but beautiful

"Let's just get this out of the way - this is a terrible flowing ink. I've tried it in a broad TWSBI, a fine Pilot, a stub Pilot, a Sheaffer calligraphy, and an Ahab and had flow issues in literally all of them.

So why such a high star rating? Because it is a seriously beautiful colour with really amazing properties. It's waterproof and bleach proof and all those other things-proof and the shading is just Once it gets going, you'll never want it to stop.

Oh, it's also hard to clean out of pens.

But, guys, the *shading*."

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