Noodler's Heart of Darkness Ink Sample (3ml Vial)

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A 3ml sample of Noodler's Heart of Darkness fountain pen ink, labeled with the name of the ink brand and color, in a plastic ink sample vial with a dip at the bottom to allow you to easily get every drop. Noodler's Heart of Darkness ink is a deep shade of black.

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Volume - 3ml

Vial Material - Plastic

Color Group - Black

Special Properties - Water Resistant, Archival

2 Reviews

Theodore May 24, 2018

Love this black!

This is a true, dark black, and I've had no problems with feathering or bleedthrough, even on regular binder paper and cheap notebooks!

Michael de Cupertino Nov 20, 2017

very black, but bleeds through normal paper

People love this stuff, and I can see why they might like the color. However, unless you also buy fancy paper, or already only write on one side, I can't see how this would be a useful ink to have around.

I used it in a fine-nib Pilot Metropolitan, which is like a wester extra fine, and could not use it on a moleskine, binder paper, or even 20# copy paper.

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