Noodler's Kung Te-Cheng Ink Sample (3ml Vial)

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A 3ml sample of Noodler's Kung Te-Cheng fountain pen ink, labeled with the name of the ink brand and color, in a plastic ink sample vial with a dip at the bottom to allow you to easily get every drop.

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Volume - 3ml

Vial Material - Plastic

Color Group - Purple

Special Properties - Archival, Water Resistant

1 Review

Kay Oct 03, 2020

Good but dry

I love the color and permanence of this ink, making it perfect for the work environment. It dries up surprisingly quickly in a Pilot Plumix, even while just pausing a moment during journaling to think before continuing to write. Perhaps it works better in wetter nibs? Anyway, it’s a great purplish blue or bluish purple that can pass as blue with the untrained eye.

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