Noodler's Non-Flex Broad Nib

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This #6 sized steel nib fits the Konrad and Ahab, however it has a broad tip with a conventional non flex vented nib. This nib is unique among Noodler's nibs, in that it has the same mount as the music nib, which gives significant added strength. The broad tip vented nib allows for a smooth ink delivery and consistently broad pen stroke.

8 Reviews

Michael Ballai May 25th 2018

Great Nib

The broad nib is Noodler's great sleeper product. I have been using it to grind cursive italic nibs and they come out exceptionally well. The fat nib extends the potential variable width of the penned line.

David May 24th 2018

Can't beat the price

While I like the concept of the Noodler's flex, I wanted my Acrylic Konrad to be just a "normal" pen, and at a third the cost of other nibs, this was a no-brainer. Writes smooth and makes my Konrad a great every day pen.

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