Noodler's Non-Flex Fine-Medium Nib


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Non-Flex nibs for your Ahab and Konrad pens. Simply pull out the nib and feed from your pen and replace with this replacement steel nib. Fine-Medium nib with Noodler's Ink Co. engraved across the nib. This is a #6 sized nib so will fit in other pens with this size nib.

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Michael Kernan May 23, 2018

Great $2 nibs...

"Purchased 2 of these, for my Ahab and Konrad. The finish on the nibs are not perfect. Some minor scratching on the surface. The nibs fit perfectly and did not require heat setting. They were both pretty smooth, with just a touch of feed back. A few swipes over some Micro Mesh and now they are buttery smooth.
Not bad at all for $2. I would recommend these to use in the Noodler's pens."

The Pen Penchant May 23, 2018

Nice for Tinkering

If you like to swap mins and tinker with your Noodler's pens, these are great. Mine needed some smoothing, but I expect that in a Niodler's product.

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