Professional Gear Earth

Sailor Pro Gear Fountain Pen Special Edition Earth

The Sailor Pro Gear fountain pen is the flat-top full sized model in the Sailor pen lineup. The Pro Gear fountain pen features an incredibly smooth and responsive 21k gold nib. All Pro Gear pens are available in the full range of Sailor nibs that include Extra Fine, Fine, Medium, Medium Fine, Broad, Music and Zoom. The Pro Gear Special Edition Earth features a brown resin body with reddish undertones, with Gold-plated trim, and an incredibly smooth and responsive gold nib.

As an Authorized Sailor Dealer we have the ability to order just about any of the seven standard nibs (Extra Fine, Fine, Medium Fine, Medium, Broad, Zoom, Music) on any Pro Gear fountain pen. Some models do not carry all seven nibs and some are special order from Japan. Our stock changes constantly so if you have any questions, please Contact Us for more info!

A detailed description of the Sailor standard and Bespoke Specialty nibs can be found Here.

Coming July 2016 in Pro Gear King of Pen, Pro Gear, and Pro Gear Slim. Available for Pre-order now.