Pilot Plumix Fountain Pen - Black, 1.0mm Stub Nib

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The Pilot Plumix fountain pen in Black with a 1.0 stub nib is a hit with fountain pen users! These refillable pens were specifically created for smooth writing, and the clear translucent body allows for easy visibility of the ink supply. Each Pilot Plumix fountain pen comes with one ink cartridge, and these easily refill with the standard Pilot IC-100 ink cartridge, or the Pilot Con-20 converter fits as well, if you would like to use bottled ink. Many fountain pen aficionados like to use this 1.0mm stub in their Pilot Prera or Pilot Metropolitan fountain pens, as a fun change as it is easily removed!

4 Reviews

M. Carpet Jul 11, 2020


Great stub nib for an insanely low price.

Keegan May 24, 2018

Great Pen For Anyone

This pen I bought as a gift and it is wildly appreciated. The recipient wanted to try doing some calligraphy, but didn't want to spend a fortune to get started (the recipient is 8 years old). This pen is allowing him to get a taste without breaking the bank. The formed grip section is also a great help for learning the proper way to grip a pen. The recipient is wild about his new pen, and has named me his favorite aunt (for now).

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