Pilot Vanishing Point Fountain Pen - Metallic Tropical Purple

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The Pilot Vanishing Point retractable fountain pen is a product rich in both history and performance. The ingenious design makes this pen perfect for our technologically advanced time. The larger sized metal body and attractive trim makes the Vanishing Point unmistakably unique. This Pilot Vanishing Point fountain pen features a Metallic Tropical Purple body with matte black trim, and a black-ionized Extra Fine 18k gold retractable nib.

Each pen is packaged in a Pilot gift box, and comes with a proprietary cartridge and a CON-50 piston converter for use with bottled ink to give you many options. Additional cartridges in several colors are available, and the pen will also accept a CON-20 squeeze converter.

1 Review

William Murray May 25th 2018


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